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Word of Life The Coast Summer Camp is located in Hudson Florida. Every summer, MVMNT Student Ministry takes a group of students to Summer Camp where they can grow in their relationship with Jesus, while taking meaningful and lasting steps towards knowing Him and living changed! They are challenged to love others by going back to their friend groups and schools and sharing Jesus! 


MVMNT Student Ministry takes students from grades 6-12 on this week-long trip. Students can participate in sports tournaments, sign up for special activities (such as paintball, go-karts, and water tubing), and experience worship and a speaker that is designed uniquely for them. Students will be paired with a Word of Life Bible Institute student as their counselor for the week, who spends all day with them and stays with them in the cabin at night. 


If you are interested in learning more about camp, check out Word of Life’s website or contact us! We hope to see your student at Word of Life The Coast Summer Camp 2023! 

Paying for Camp

Camp is $450, and the deposit to secure your child’s spot is $99. This is put towards your balance.


If you are in need of financial assistance in sending your student to summer camp, check out the link below to find a Word of Life The Coast scholarship request form. These scholarships and amounts are decided on by Word of Life on a case by case basis. Submit your scholarship soon as funds are limited and can run out. 

We also have some fundraising opportunities at Movement Church! We recently had our fundraiser wall in operation on Sunday morning. Once we have a solid idea of how much was extravagantly given, we will offer scholarships and discounts based on the price of camp and the cost of transportation. 

*Please Note* All prices and dates are subject to change. These prices and dates are based on current listings and may change without notice. Prices may increase or decrease as we get closer to events. We will keep parents and students updated in advance concerning prices and dates.

Word of Life ScholarshipsPLEASE try for a scholarship from Word of Life, and try early! They are generous, and consider extenuating circumstances like medical bills or other un-budgeted costs that may be affecting your ability to pay. However, in the summer of 2019, they ran out of funds by the time summer began. So please, download or pick up the form at church, and fax it in ASAP. We are happy to fax it for you, and we often do this for our campers. Again, we encourage you to do this early! Even for full scholarships, Word of Life requires the parent to at least pay the deposit of $99. (The only exceptions are foster children, given a full scholarship, and they also give out a limited amount of full scholarships to unsaved campers from unchurched families.)

Helpful Links:

Listed below are some helpful links to help students get ready and prepare for the Word of Life Summer camp!