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Good News Club

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What Is Good News Club?

Simply put, it’s an after-school club that brings Bible lesson to kids right at their school! Child Evangelism Fellowship, a Bible-centered organization, sponsors Good News Clubs in our local schools. Partnering with local churches such as ours, they provide curriculum and help train teams of volunteers to bring the truth of God’s Word into after-school clubs all over the nation! Movement Church has worked in a Good News Club at Peace River Elementary for the past 5 years, along with Family Church Port Charlotte. (Take a peek at our club through the photos!) This year, we have been asked to form the team entirely from Movement Church. We are excited about bringing the Good News of Jesus to the kids at Peace River!

Meet Johanna

I had the privilege of knowing Johanna & her sweet kids when she attended Movement Church. Take a few minutes to read her testimony, and find out how God used a Good News Club to begin a work in her family! Wouldn’t it be exciting to be a part of someone’s faith story? Click on the link at the bottom of this page to find out more about how God can use YOU in a Good News Club! 

– Tracy Moss, Children’s Ministries Director

My name is Johanna and my testimony is a little different than others. I didn’t get baptized or ask for God to be in my life until I was 27. And Good News Club played a huge part in me finding my relationship with God. I was actually discipled by my seven-year-old daughter, Cadence who has always been a bright light in this world. When Cadence was in first grade, she and her sister Chaylen, who was in Kindergarten, went to the Good News Club afterschool program at the school I was teaching at. I honestly sent them there so I could have some time alone after school to get some lesson planning done and papers graded. I was so surprised when I realized God literally put the Holy Spirit into my girls through that club. Shortly after, Cadence asked if we could go to church on Sunday. I am not one to say no to a question like that, so we started going to the church that my dad was going to (Movement Church). We found that if we skipped a week of church we had a feeling of emptiness, so church became a regular Sunday family event.

After going to church for about four months, our church had their monthly baptism Sunday. The people leading this event got on stage and did this funny little act where they held up things like hairdryers, clothes, and towels and said “if you’re thinking, oh I can’t get baptized today because I didn’t bring a change of clothes or my hair would be wet, well they had clothes for you and a blow dryer. So whatever is holding you back, we want to help you so that you can allow God into your life and get baptized in front of our church.” I was 6 months pregnant with Jackzon at the time and I was sitting in the sermon with just my dad. The girls and Mackz were in the children’s area. It was as though God‘s Holy Spirit lifted me from my chair and brought me to that stage. And that is how I got baptized. There wasn’t a big party here on earth and I didn’t have my entire family there, but I know that God was having a party for me in heaven and that’s all that matters. I am so happy that now I can be his temple and share his word with others and pray that they will have that same feeling of the Holy Spirit leading them to give their life to Christ and I owe a big part of this to the Good News Club.