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Welcome Parents

We encourage parents & guardians to use this online page to help your kids learn and practice their memory verses and songs that go along with their current unit, and to find out what your kids are learning each Sunday. Use this page to help review the lessons, or to prepare them for upcoming ones! If you’re coming to visit for the first time, check out our Children’s Ministry page.

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Touchless Check-in With Church Center App

We encourage you to download and begin using the Church Center app! With this app, you can connect to & update your information in the church database (change your address or phone number, etc.), sign up for our Discover class, check your kids in on Sunday, register for Word of Life summer camp, and explore open small groups!

Check Your Kids In On Sunday

Using the Church Center app, you can begin checking your children in for a service by 6 a.m. Sunday morning.  Once you arrive on campus, you will scan the QR or bar code label from that app, and your name tags will print! ​Please remember that even after you have "checked in" your child on the app, they are not actually checked in until you scan your code at church. You can also check them in on our tablets by entering your phone number.

Sign Up for
Word of Life or
WinShape Summer Camp

Once you’re signed into your app, click on the bottom right icon: Sign-Ups! Look for the The Coast, Kids Overnight Camp. Have questions about this camp, or the day camp we also sponsor, WinShape Camp? Click on one of the buttons below to find out more!

Our Current Sunday Lesson Units:

Lights, Camera, Action!

Unit For Younger Ages * April 23rd - May 21st

Quiet on the set—it’s movie making time! During “Lights, Camera, Action!” your kids will give the performance of a lifetime as they act out scenes from Bible stories about the early church. When shooting wraps up, they’ll have discovered that the church is our supporting cast, but Jesus is the real star of the show! This unit is for all preschool – 1st graders, as well as our 2nd graders at the 11:30 service.

Lesson 1: Saul Sees the Light
Bible Story: Acts 9:1-19 * Big Idea: My church helps me and I help my church!
Lesson 2: Saul's Great Basket Escape
Bible Story: Acts 9:19-25 Big Idea: My church helps me and I help my church.
Lesson 3: Barnabas the Encourager
Bible Story: Acts 4:36-37; 15:36-41 * Big Idea: My church helps me and I help my church!
Lesson 4: Peter & the Prison Break
Bible Story: Acts 12:1-19 * Big Idea: I can pray to Jesus anytime, anywhere, & about anything.
Lesson 5: Paul & Silas' Big Quake
Bible Story: Acts 16:16-40 * Big Idea: I can pray to Jesus anytime, anywhere, & about anything.
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That's Bonkers!

Unit For Upper Ages * April 23 - May 28

Let’s be honest—kids are all sorts of bonkers! They love acting a little crazy from time to time, and now they get to do it at church (in moderation, of course). During our 10:00 service, kids will get to play an off-the-wall game that lets them be their bonkers selves while discovering the last part of the Big Bible Story. More than that, kids will hear how God is bonkers-in-love with us and wants us to share His love with the world through the good news of Jesus! During the 8:30 & 11:30 services, the same good news (& same Bible story) will be communicated through the “Journey Today” segment of this unit. Click through the slides to watch that Sunday’s Journey Today show, or scroll below to practice this unit’s memory verse & song!

This unit is for all 3rd – 5th graders, and for 2nd graders at the 11:30 service.

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